Vegetarian Meals
र 120.00
Choice of Rice served along with a variety of curries, vegetables, pappad, pickle & sweet dish
Chicken Curry Meals (Kerala/ Mangalore)
र 170.00
Choice of Rice served with Chicken Curry, variety of curries, vegetables, pappad, pickle & sweet dish
Fish Curry Meals (Kerala/ Mangalore)
र 180.00
Choice of Rice served with Fish Curry, variety of curries, vegetables,pappad, pickle & sweet dish
Bekal Special Meals (Only on Sundays)
र 220.00
Vegetarian Feast served on plantain leaf
Rice Dishes
Thalassery Chicken Biriyani
र 190.00
A Thalassery special. Authentic dish of rice & chicken in aromatic blend of spices
Ghee Rice
र 130.00
Rice prepared with ghee & garnished with raisins & cashewnuts
Steamed Rice
र 90.00
Vegetarian Starters
Mushroom Pepper Fry
र 110.00
Mushroom stir fried with pepper
Kathirikka Varuthathu
र 110.00
Deep fried Brinjal served with green chutney
Vendekka Varuthathu
र 110.00
Crispy fried okra with spicy marination
Vegetarian Curries
Green Peas Masala
र 120.00
Green peas curry prepared in thick gravy
Kadala Curry
र 120.00
Bengal gram prepared in a traditional gravy
Vegetable Stew
र 120.00
Mixed vegetables prepared in coconut milk gravy
Kitchen Treasures of Mangalore
Chicken Ghee Roast
र 180.00
Soft, juicy, flavorful chicken dish roasted in Ghee & garnished with curry leaves
Mangalorean Chicken Curry
र 190.00
A specialty chicken dish of Bunt community.
Absolutely heart warming flavors & is a must try!
Chicken Sukka
र 190.00
Tender pieces of chicken wrapped in a spicy coconut masala
Mangalorean Fish Curry
र 170.00
A delicacy native to Mangalore
Fish Pullimanchi
र 190.00
Hot & tangy fish curry for fish lovers
Crab Curry
र 230.00
Chilly based crab curry
Chicken / Prawns Koliwada
र 180 / 230
Chicken / Prawns marinated in tangy spices
Egg Sukka
र 140.00
Mushroom Sukka
र 140.00
Mushrooms prepared in thick gravy with grated coconut
Butter Milk Pitcher (Serves 4) / By Glass
र 150.00/40.00
Kokum Juice
र 70.00
Juice made out of Kokum, having several health benefits
Sol Kadi
र 75.00
A delicious appetizer of coconut milk & kokum. Cools the digestive system
Tender Coconut Water
र 40.00
Lime Water / Lime Soda
र 50.00/60.00
Kerala Chaya
र 25.00
Ginger Tea
र 30.00
Tea infused with ginger
र 20.00
Black tea with or without lemon
र 30.00
Chukku Kaapi
र 35.00
Black coffee infused with dried ginger
Mineral Water
र 30.00
From The Coast
Karimeen Pollichathu
As per size
Pearl spot marinated in spices, wrapped in banana leaf and chargrilled
Kaane Rava Fry
र 180.00
Kaane fish coated with rava & fried, Mangalorean must try
Masala Fish Fry
As per size
Catch of the day coated in a spicy marinade & fried
Prawn Ghee Roast
र 220.00
Prawns stir-fried in a special Manglorean masala
Squid Fry
र 180.00
Pieces of squid marinated in spices and deep fried
Kallumakai Fry
र 180.00
Green Mussels pan fried with grated coconut, cumin and pearl onions
Crab Masala
र 220.00
Crab marinated in a spicy masala & cooked to perfection
Seafood Platter
र 450.00
An assortment of seafood in various style of preparation
Aripodi Chemeen Varuthathu
र 220.00
Crispy fried prawn in rice batter with Kerala spices and served with curry sauce
Kitchen Treasures of Kerala
Bekal Chicken Fry
र 160.00
Pieces of chicken marinated in a spicy masala & deep fried
Trivandrum Style Chicken Porichathu
र 200.00
Half portion chicken marinated in a blend of aromatic spices & fried
Syrian Meat Fry
र 180.00
Succulent pieces of meat infused with spices & stir fried with tiny pieces of coconut. An all time favorite!!
Kerala Chicken Curry (Varutharachathu)
र 180.00
Chicken curry prepared in a traditional way with coconut
Chicken Roast
र 170.00
Pan fried chicken prepared in a thick onion gravy
Chicken Stew
र 190.00
Chicken prepared in coconut milk & spices
Meat Roast
र 190.00
Pan fried meat prepared in thick gravy. Bekal special
Kerala Fish Curry
र 160.00
Traditional fish curry prepared with mackerel / sardines
Alleppey Fish Curry
र 180.00
Tangy & Spicy seer fish curry native to the backwaters of Alleppey. Use of kodampuli makes this dish tangy
Egg Curry/Egg Roast
र 130.00
Eggs prepared in a spicy gravy / Eggs prepared in spicy thick gravy
Appam (2)
र 30.00
Soft and Fluffy rice flour pancakes also known as hoppers
Egg Appam (1)
र 25.00
Hoppers topped with Egg
Neer Dosa (2)
र 30.00
Home made crepes of Rice batter & coconut. A Mangalore house favorite
Kerala Parotta (2)
र 35.00
Layered Flaky bread
Sannas (2)
र 35.00
Steamed dumplings
Idiappam (2)
र 30.00
String Hoppers
र 50.00
Steamed Rice cakes-Kerala’s favorite Breakfast
Chappathi (2)
र 30.00
Indian Bread made out of wheat flour
Pickle Taster
र 80.00
Assortment of mouth watering veg & non veg pickles
र 120.00
Caramel Custard
र 140.00
All items in our kitchen are freshly prepared. We use home-pounded spices.
We strictly do not use any food coloring or any other taste enhancers.
Please check with our service staff on the availability of items while ordering.
Prices of Seafood will vary as per variety & size. Please check while ordering.
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